Who we are.

We are a furniture and product design company located in Calgary, Alberta. In our shop, we produce handcrafted, limited edition pieces intended to endure the test of time. 

The company started as a collaboration between two friends who shared an obsession with meticulously crafted items. 2point54 has great meaning to us as former students in the United States and now, as designers in Canada. The conversion rate of centimeters into inches relates to our approach to design. We transform or “convert” materials into beautiful designs, while highlighting the original material’s natural beauty. From lumber selection to hand finishing, we control each step in the process to provide the best products for our clients.

Here at 2point54, we feel the need to move away from the monotony of mass-produced furniture and back into works that show the hand and soul of the craftsman. With this as our focus, we provide our customers with treasures they can cherish for a lifetime and more.  


Kevin Helm, Co-founder

After going through a quarter life crisis, Kevin decided to leave his job in Oil and Gas Marketing, to put his years of refined Lego building skills back into use and head back to school.  Showing an interest in material explorations, patterns and structural geometries, he completed a degree in Product Design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York.  Among other things, he now credits himself with being able to walk faster than he can run, able to expertly fold a “hot slice” and has jaywalking down to an art form.  While he enjoys traveling in his spare time, Calgary will always be his true home.


Christine Sheu, Co-founder

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Christine’s first move after graduating high school was to head straight to New York where she completed her studies at Parsons the New School for Design. Product design—the perfect marriage of science, math, art and humanities—became the obvious choice for this four-eyed tinkerer. Her curiosity in textures, balance and visual illusions has driven her explorations in a variety of mediums. When she isn’t covered in saw dust, many obsessions occupy her including: puzzles, reading, ukulele, amassing a repertoire of random facts, cooking and, by default, eating.