Our Backyard - Fungi and Kinsol Trestle

As former city slickers we have a huge appreciation for the environment we are designing in now. This month has been incredibly rich for inspiration and foraging delights! 

 Our shop is actually located about 10km away from Kinsol Trestle. Building of the former wooden railway trestle began in 1911 and was completed in 1920. Over the years it had to be repaired many times until trains stopped running over it in 1979. In 1988 a fire severely damaged the Trestle. Since then it's been repaired to its current state and is now used as a pedestrian walkway as part of the Trans Canada Trail. 


It's huge!

The structure is absolutely amazing to look at in person. There's a crazy mix of new and old timbers, some even hand chiseled! When walking overhead you can see down the Koksilah River and imagine the incredible feat it must have been to mill the timbers and build a trestle strong enough to handle freight trains.  

Walking across the Trestle.

Near the Trestle, by the side of the trail, are stacks of the old timbers, darkened with age.  Walking over the Trestle, lining the rails are delicate spider webs. The webs themselves are fascinating structures. Some were seemingly connected to the clouds as the mist from the river blew them straight into the sky. Others contrasted the strict horizontal and vertical lines of steel cable and lumber. 

It's walks like this that really inspire our designs and help remind us of what design can be.


On a culinary note, this last month and a half has been incredibly fruitful in mycological terms. Weekends in the bush have yielded a bevy of chanterelles, pine mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, shrimp russula and many many many  more of the fungi variety. Not only did we find good eats, but the island is full of great dying mushrooms. For a great mushroom book check out David Arora's All That the Rain Promises and More…  It also has the silliest book cover and an abundance of photos of ecstatic mushroom foragers with their finds. 

Perhaps an opportunity to explore the wonders of mushroom stains on wood?

For more on the Kinsol Trestle, visit www.kinsol.ca

White and brown pine galore! Oh and some big beautiful white chanterelles <3

A few Sarcodon fuscoindicum to do an experimental dye with. Note the fun toothy underside. 

 Lobster mushroom rejects. Too many bugs… and not the good kind.

Lobster mushroom rejects. Too many bugs… and not the good kind.