Drafting Table: Part 2

Whew! It has been a long time coming for this particular piece! But here we go:

Backtracking a little... The drafting table grew out of truly incredible finds at a local vintage/salvage shop: An old Model T-Ford jack and Crane faucet handles. The material choices of steel with a patina finish and walnut finished with tung oil were simple. The two work together to highlight the brass of the knobs and the natural patina of the jack. 

For the steel, Kevin produces each piece from 20ft lengths of mild steel. He cuts, cleans, welds, grinds, cleans, cleans again before we begin the patina process. A few changes were made between the prototype and the final product. 

 Steel freshly patina-ed, waiting to dry. 

Steel freshly patina-ed, waiting to dry. 

Meanwhile, with the walnut, little details are everything. Each leg piece is cut to ensure the flow of lines from form to grain. Once all of the pieces are finished, we take plenty of time to assemble and wax where necessary. Since starting the drafting table, we've been fortunate to come across a few more jacks. Yet each are slightly different in height and casting, which much to our delight, means if we do make another drafting table, it will still be one of a kind. 

And for those of you who are interested, the piece is for sale :D Just let us know.