Updates from Underneath the Dust

It's been a while since we last did an update. Needless to say it's been pretty busy with new designs, modifications of old ones and general production. One of the custom pieces that recently left our shop was a king-size bed frame made of red oak and steel. 

01_bed frame.JPG

This particular piece tested the size of our shop as we were also working on several other sizable projects simultaneously. We began this project with the intent of flat packing for moving and shipping both from our shop to the client as well as other moves in the products lifetime. As a result, each component from bed slats to legs to the headboard can be disassembled and pack into a long, thin box. While we typically stick to utilizing hardwoods, for this project we opted to use plywood for the bedsides for longterm stability of the wood and weight. 

We began with two fourteen foot boards of solid red oak, several sheets of plywood, red oak veneer and two-inch wide flat steel stock. The long boards were quickly cut down to size for the head board and the hardwood edging for the bed sides. Then began the task of laminating our own thick plywood sides. Many, many, many glue-ups later and we had all of the pieces. 

raw material.jpg

Meanwhile in the metal department, the steel underwent a transformation to become the modular legs and head board supports. The legs required a bit of more finessing with two threaded rods welded to each. This eliminates the need for extra hardware, and ensures proper alignment of the legs with the rest of the bed. After a through clean up and finishing, all of the pieces were ready to be assembled. 


For assembling the 79" x 83" bed frame,  we decided to utilize the wonderful open space outside of our shop. A little prep before hand and we ended up with a pretty darn stable bed frame. Even with the strong winds that day, the bed did not budge. 

Unfortunately we weren't able to fit the bed in its entirety into a studio space for photography, but we were able to capture a nice little detail shot of the leg design. Please note that the end caps on the bed sides had not been added until after the leg detail was photographed. 

This project was certainly a test of our vehicle and shop space. It has been our largest single piece to date (the custom modular patio set has had the most components). As with all of designs, we are constantly thinking of ways to integrate elements into other furniture. So... look forward to possibly seeing parts of the bed legs in our future work :D