We're still alive!

A deep deep apology for being incredibly lax on writing updates. Many, many exciting things have been in the works, and we've found a bit of time to recall all that has happened since Spring time!

The biggest change is that we have moved the shop to Calgary, Alberta. Vancouver Island is still very close to our hearts, but it was time for a change in scenery. And speaking of scenery, the mountains are already a gargantuan source of inspiration both in scale and quantity. 

But before we get to Calgary, here's a little bit on packing up our precious precious shop in Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island... 

Just before leaving, we had one last project to push through. A large, solid walnut TL dining table was the heaviest single piece we've made to date. It was one of many projects that made it pretty clear that we outgrew our shop. As efficiently as we ran the small space, furniture like this called for a extra Tetris superpowers.

Once the table was safely packed away, we proceeded to take apart the shop. It took lots help from friends and family to clear out the space. Behind us we left the mezzanine and our faithful ladder. After two years in one place and reluctance of throwing anything away, we accumulated an incredible amount of scraps and knickknacks.  

Time passed quite quickly at 1315 Shawnigan Mill Bay Road. Our tiny bay kept us pretty happy and it was sad to leave it behind. 

Since the moment we began scraping paint off the walls to the final closing of the barn doors, we've amassed a variety of experiences. The final lesson was in how much a space evolves as we evolve as designers and builders. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to meditate on that thought since we were plain exhausted, not to mention incredibly dirty… At 4:30 AM packing and cleaning was finished!