From Concept to Finish: Blackened Bar for the Saddledome

We are often asked: Where can I go to see your furniture? Well, while you may not be able to catch a glimpse of this piece unless you are lucky, it is in the Flame's Saddledome, we promise! 

The challenge of this project was to create a bar table that integrates well into the existing suite. For this client, we presented our take on the classic waterfall table. Instead of the standard flat legs, we added a subtle angle to create a more interesting silhouette. As with many of our designs, a metal insert detail was included on the top surface to break up the wood. 

Underneath the deep, black stain is a foundation of red oak. Red oak was selected for its beautiful grain that would texturally balance the dark stain. The texture plays an important role in contrasting the smooth surface of the metal insert. 

The final weight and assembly was a major concern with this bar table. We wanted the piece to have a seamless look with the ability to be disassembled in the event that the Calgary Flames would be relocating in the future. With a little product design thinking and some very nice hardware, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. 

While the piece could be considered knock-down furniture, it certainly does not feel like it simply from the weight. This piece, like many of our designs, could double as an earthquake shelter. We like to think that it also serves as a natural anti-theft property of our tables and benches. One lift, and someone would likely think, "This is way too heavy to steal." 

For the stain, we used SamaN, a water-based product. We love SamaN for its eco-friendly properties as well as its smooth application. Over the black stain, we applied Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. A little over a year ago, we switched over to using Fiddes on both our commercial and residential products. While it is not as easy to find and apply as the classic Verathane and Minwax Polyurethane products, the finish is absolutely worth the effort. In the end, we want our pieces to hold up to use and abuse for generations to come. 

The finished table played rather well with other elements in the suite. The black matte, metal insert in the table top referenced the horizontal lines in the wall details as well as the chromed minimalist handles on the cabinetry. We were really excited to do this project for our clients and are pretty happy with the final results. Plus, it was great to see the ice from the suite!