Whenever possible, we use solid hardwoods in our designs, as opposed to panel products due to the general durability against dents and scratches compared to veneers, the ability to repair damage, and for the beauty that comes with using solid hardwood.   Veneered products are used when there is a concern about movement issues that would occur with solid hardwood.  We meticulously sort and match our boards to get you the best visual flow as well as stability in a glue up.  Our finishes are hand applied and are chosen for their resistance to staining and spills, and ease of repair.  We know accidents happen over the years and things can get dented or nicked, and if needed, we want to be able to easily repair them. 

Note: Since wood is a natural material, there will be random variation in the grain and coloring compared to the images below and they should only be used as a reference point.  If you have a certain preference for the "general look" of the wood such as knots and figuring, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your request. 

metal FINISHES (Powder coat)

Except for our patina finishes, our metal is finished with a powder coat finish which is more abrasion resistant, less likely to chip, provides a more consistent finish and is 10 times more durable than a standard paint finish.  Powder colors come in a large range of RAL colors, and textures and what we feature here is just a sample of the more popular ones that we use.  If there is a RAL color or color/texture that you would like for your project that isn't shown here, please contact us and we can try to source that color for you.

Our black oxide finish is a surface finish we use on steel to provide an antique or industrial feel to a piece.  Since the finish will wear over time and only has mild corrosion resistance, the steel is top coated with a lacquer to slow this process down. 

Note: Colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device.     


The simulated leathers that we use are commercial based fabrics and are chosen for their high wear resistance (100, 000 Wyzenbeek double rubs (CD), ease of cleaning and economical value.  Should you wish to use a fabric on your project that we don't carry, we would be happy to source it for you or you are welcome to provide it yourself.

Simulated leather