We are first and foremost designers who love tackling new challenges. Whether commercial or residential, big or small, we collaborate with our clients to produce products and solutions with our style and sensibilities. The beginning of each project starts with a space, idea and/or problem, from which we generate thoughts and sketches. Eventually as the design process continues, we provide a rough estimate, comprehensive renderings and technicals ready for production whether in our shop or by another manufacturer. 


One of the benefits of designing and building in the same shop is that we are able to have a fluid transition to the building stage in each project. With the exception for a few processes, most of the work takes place in our shop. This has the added benefit of the ability to quickly customize dimensions of our original designs. 


Occasionally, due to location, scale or complexity, a project will require external manufacturing. We are able to act as liaisons to different manufacturers and contractors to execute the designs with the same quality and consideration we expect out of our own production. 

For more information about custom projects and collaborations, please get in touch! Here is a selection of the works we have done in the past: