Agent Smolder

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Agent Smolder

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Agent Smolder reminds us of nights spent beside a campfire roasting marshmallows and staring up at the stars. We utilize fire to transform the cedar frame. The flames reveal a beautiful surface of pattern and texture; invisible in its raw state. Thin mild steel is a flicker of light among the charred cedar. Since the fire is the artisan, the end result of every piece is unique and random. Agent Smolder, a wonderful balance between earth and fire.

The wood is hand finished with poly to seal and harden. Includes mounting cleat. Can be hung horizontal or vertical.

Available for custom building.

Shown in: Shou Sugi Ban Cedar + Raw 

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Medium - W 36" x L 60" x D 1 ½" 

Floor Length - W 36" x L 78" x D 1 ½" 




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